Covid -19 Relief (1st wave and 2nd wave)


 The volunteers and workers showed exemplary courage and commitment by working without hesitation during the pandemic. As a token of appreciation, we provided them with a Special Hardship Allowance to all our staff (at a cost of Rs 3 Lakhs).



-     Spent 1600 man hours (nearly 200 man days) as volunteer

-      10 hours volunteering every day for 40 days volunteer continuously without a break

-      5000 volunteering hours by the team.

-      Distributed provisions worth Rs.1000 to over 1000 families in and around Chennai,  to help a family of four sustain for over 15 days.

-      Arranged for a special Bus to transport the staff every day at a cost of Rs. 1.5 lakhs for 4 months until the public bus service resumed regularly



Covid relief at Palgarh (Tribal village in Maharashtra)

Following relief materials, worth Rs 10 Lakhs donated:

-    1000 bottles of Ayurcoro3, an Ayurvedic preventive and asymptomatic cure medicine.

-    500 pulse oximeters

-    Medicine for Covid-19 treatment worth 1.5 Lakhs

-    500 Infrared Thermometers worth 5 Lakhs to the District Collector, Kancheepuram

-    175 Pulse Oximeters given to Greater Chennai Corporation

-    100 Pulse Oximeters to Hospital, Sira (in rural Karnataka)

-    25 Pulse Oximeters to a village 100 kilometers from Imphal, Manipur

 Covid relief material worth Rs 4 lakhs sent to the district collector's office, Thiruvannamalai.

 The materials included:

·      1000 Venus N-95 masks

·      1000 adult oxygen masks

·      500 pediatric oxygen masks

·      1000 adult non rebreathable masks

·      400 pediatric non rebreathable masks

·      10 sets of glucometer kits

·      5 sets of otoscope, adults and pediatric laryngoscope each

·      2 units of portable suction apparatus

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